BREATHE at The Broadwater

Photo by Mike Struna

Ellen Dostal – BroadwayWorld

Like most solo productions, Philicia Saunders’ BREATHE comes from her own experiences. Unique to her telling however is the method by which she relates that story. Necessitated by a global pandemic that has forced audiences to view theatrical productions from behind a computer screen, Saunders has employed a variety of media to raise engagement with her personal tale.

The ambitious project fuses live theatre scenes – staged at The Broadwater in Hollywood – filmed segments, photographs, stylized movement, interview clips, and audience interaction to create a multidimensional experience. With less care, so many different elements might be overwhelming, but Saunders and director Roger Q. Mason have blended them subtly so each change makes sense. The seamless integration also benefits from Saunders’ natural ease as a storyteller.