COYOTE ON A FENCE at Arena Stage

Dany Margolies  –  Arts In LA

Coyotes don’t play fetch and greet us at the door and guard us in our homes. Coyotes are the predator version of our snuggly pups. They are the canines with the need to kill, excused—but not usually forgiven—because they’re programmed that way. Do we know of people like that?
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Steven Leigh Morris  – LA Weekly

Solid performances by Rob Nagle and Cody Kearsley as death-row inmates in side-by-side cells distinguish Theatre Arts’ production of Bruce Graham’s 2000 social-issue drama. College-educated John Brennan (Nagle, in a contemplative and wise performance) edits the prison newspaper and writes eloquent obituaries for the men being executed in their Alabama penitentiary with alarming frequency and considerable public outcry. Read more…

Now running through September 15.