Euripides’ Helen, Getty Villa

Photo by Craig Schwartz.

Euripides’ Helen, by adapted by Nick Salamone.

Dany Margolies, ArtsInLA

Nick Salamone is most gracious in crediting Euripides as the writer here, merely listing himself as adaptor. He has riffed on the Greek tragicomedy original, working with historical plot and characters but blending in elements of Hollywood movie musicals and characters from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Read more…

Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly

Euripides’ fanciful version of the legend of Helen of Troy (the beauty whose abduction triggered a ten year war between the Trojans and the Achaeans) was first produced in 412 BC. In it he posits that Helen was supplanted by a phantom (fashioned by the mischievous gods) to ensure a war while the real Helen was spirited away to exile on a remote Egyptian island.  Read more…