Naomi Helen Weissberg and Courtney Brechemin(Photo by Paul Rubenstein)

Martίn Hernández – Stage Raw

With its hashtag retitle alluding to the #MeToo Movement, author/adaptor Charles A. Duncombe’s version of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure offers a timely skewering of sexual harassment, religious hypocrisy, and state repression. Rather than a wholesale adaptation, however, Duncombe maintains the original setting and intersperses contemporary banter and narration with the original text. The new dialogue is bandied about by a trio of women performers, a sort of “girl power” Greek chorus portraying multiple roles – multi-tasking is a female forte, right? The results are mixed, with stellar performances from the cast under Fredéréque Michel’s direction and witty but oftentimes peripheral additions from Duncombe. Read more…