Philip Brandes


Philip (he/him) files for:

Stage Raw

LA Times

Santa Barbara Independent

Philip Brandes has been covering theatre since 1487… well OK, maybe it only feels that way, but long enough to have acquired fairly exhaustive knowledge of the L.A. stage scene. He currently writes for Stage Raw; at one time his reviews lined the trash cans of a million L.A. Times subscribers. He’s particularly enamored of our smaller, edgier theatres—the ones where you spend half your time watching the shows and the rest wondering if your car will be there when you get out—but that’s where the most unexpected and truly magical experiences can often be found, thanks to the southland’s endless reservoir of performing and staging talent. He believes the most valuable aspect of writing about plays is being able to connect readers with the new ways of seeing the world that live theatre affords—and in that effort (hopefully) to provide context and insight that will help them get more out of the experience when they go.

Philip joined the LADCC in 2022.