New thoughts on Fetch Clay, Make Man at the Kirk Douglas, the national tour of Into the Woods, and The Ants at the Geffen.

Stephanie J. Block and Sebastian Arcelus in the Broadway production of “Into the Woods.” Photo credit: Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman

Katie Buenneke – Theater Digest

Hello theater lovers! I’m Katie, and I see a lot of theater! Currently, I’m seeing 0-2 shows a week, depending on my schedule.

This is a special issue—I have no appetite for horror, so my friend Lauren attended the world premiere The Ants at the Geffen, and is reporting back!

I do my best to include the Covid protocol for in-person shows, but things change rapidly, so if you decide to see something, please double check what the protocol are before you arrive at the theater!

As a rule, I won’t be talking about any Disney/Fox/Hulu shows. Since this newsletter is geared towards people in the entertainment industry, there’s a good chance I won’t like a show that you or someone you know was involved in. I’m sure that you/your friend put a lot of effort into your/their work! I’ve been in a few shows, I know how much work goes into putting on a show. But just as you’re entitled to dislike TV shows your friends worked on, I’m allowed to dislike theater you/your friends may have worked on. I try not to be vindictive, but I also do make it clear when I don’t think a show is worth the price of a ticket or the time spent watching it.  Read me…