Peter Pan Goes Wrong @ AHMANSON THEATRE

Photos by Jeremy Daniel

Harker Jones – BroadwayWorld

The most Fractured of Fairy Tales, “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” is the tonic we all need right now.
Katie Buenneke – Theater Digest
Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Ahmanson [LA]. When this show is good, it’s great, and has some of the most side-splitting comedic moments I’ve experienced in years. The cast in this production are the core writers and performers of the “Goes Wrong” franchise, and they are phenomenal at what they do. Read more…

Terry Morgan – Arts Beat LA

For better or worse, it’s human nature to find the misfortune of others amusing. YouTube is filled with videos of people making mistakes or getting hit somewhere unpleasant by a stray ball. The show The Play that Goes Wrong took that premise and ran with it to great success several years ago, and has spawned spinoffs such as Peter Pan Goes Wrong, which is currently running at the Ahmanson. Often sequels are lesser versions of the original production, but thankfully that isn’t the case here. I actually enjoyed this show more than the first one – it’s energetic, very creative and most importantly, hilarious. Read more…
Tracey Paleo – Gia On The Move
I did nothing but laugh all evening. PETER PAN GOES WRONG is spectacular! Read more…