Sleepless in Seattle at the Pasadena Playhouse

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE – Music by Ben Toth, lyrics by Sam Forman.

Hoyt Hilsman – Huffington Post

After a long journey from the screen to the musical stage – which included numerous comings-and-goings of composer/lyricist teams – the Sleepless in Seattle musical has arrived at the Pasadena Playhouse. It is a huge challenge to adapt an iconic film that was so closely identified with its two stars – Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. But this version has largely succeeded by dint of the talented musical team of composer Ben Toth and lyricist Sam Forman, as well as a gifted trio of lead actors – Tim Martin Gleason, Chandra Lee Schwartz and Joe West.
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Dany Margolies – ArtsInLA

If you’ve ever had nothing else to think about and thus spent a second or two wondering if the 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle depended on Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for its charm, this world premiere musicalized version of it provides your answer. Yes, it needed them for its success. Even that pair, however, couldn’t save this stage rendition.
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