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CANYON at the Los Angeles Theatre Center

Dean Cechvala

Dean Cechvala

Margaret Gray – LA Times

Ask any real estate agent: People love a view. We’ll go out of our way — and far above asking price — for an elevated perch with a sweeping panorama. A view makes us feel at peace and in control. Maybe it’s the same rush our forebears got when they surveyed their hard-won territory from the treetops.
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Now running through March 24



Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

In The Recommendation, playwright Jon Caren offered a searing take on class and privilege. In The Need to Know he examined how the behavior of an unconventional person might trigger suspicion and paranoia in others. Read more…

Now running throughOctober 30

THE RECOMMENDATION at the Asylum Theatre


  Myron Meisel – The Hollywood Reporter

IAMA Theatre Company returns from its off-Broadway run of two recent productions without breaking stride, with yet another robustly contemporary offering, again characterized by distinctively fresh language. The aspiring son of an Ethiopian immigrant father, Iskinder (Brandon Scott), finds himself simultaneously charmed, fascinated and resentful of his freshman dorm roommate at Brown, Brentwood-raised Feldman (Adam Shapiro), who represents a privileged ease in a connected world characterized by the power of the “recommendation.”   Read more…

Now running through March 9.