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LEND ME A TENOR at Actors Co-op

Photo by Lindsay Schnebly

Photo by Lindsay Schnebly

Neal Weaver  – ArtsInLA

The central character in Ken Ludwig’s farce is famous Italian tenor Tito Merelli (Floyd Vanbuskirk), who’s scheduled to appear in the title role in Verdi’s Otello for the Cleveland Opera Company. But Tito is well-known for his heavy drinking, womanizing, and general troublemaking. On the day of the performance, Tito has overindulged at lunch and is at loggerheads with his fiery and tempestuous wife, Maria (Gina D’Acciaro).   Read more…

Now running through May 4.

LEND ME A TENOR at the Westchester Playhouse


Photo by Shari Barrett

How might you know a play is a farce? Normally, the set offers a clue, and in particular the set will include several doors that allow characters to barrel into situations and then quickly escape the consequences. This production of Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me a Tenor boasts six doors. Hilarity, you can be sure, ensues.
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Now running through August 17.