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HOW WE GOT ON at Sacred Fools Theater Company

Photo by Jessica Sherman

Photo by Jessica Sherman

Terry Morgan  -  Artsbeat LA

It’s 1998 in midwestern U.S.A, and three rap-loving teens live in a suburb of The City called The Hill. Hank (E.E. Williams) wants to be a rapper but maybe doesn’t have the performance chops, and so he studies the production side.  Read more…

Now running through February 20

DEADLY at Sacred Fools Theater Company

Jessica Sherman

Jessica Sherman

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

Herman Webster Mudgett AKA Dr. Henry Howard Holmes AKA H.H. Holmes is a name little known today. Holmes was one of the first and most prolific serial killers in American history.
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Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

Numerous books have been written about H. H. Holmes, a 19thcentury serial killer and con man who was ultimately executed for the murder of his accomplice,Benjamin Pitezel, in 1896. Interrogated by police, Holmes claimed to have killed 27 people, including three of Pitezel’s five children, whom he did away with so he could claim their insurance money.
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Now running through November 2

MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY at the Sacred Fools Theater Company

(Photo by Jessica Sherman Photography)

(Photo by Jessica Sherman Photography)

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

After the recent Equity nonsense, wherein said organization did whatever it could to destroy our beloved 99-seat theatres, there was a general sense that L.A.’s theatrical scene was going to stagger backwards and falter.
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Now running through November 18

THE SIRENS OF TITAN at Sacred Fools Theater Company

Photo by Jessica Sherman

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

One of the great themes in the writing of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is the lack of free will in characters who don’t know they’re being used. Moreover, should these characters find out they’re being manipulated, they certainly don’t know why or how to stop it. In this “post fact” era, when it’s accepted that our president lies to us every day, the new Sacred Fools production of Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan seems very timely. Read more…

Now running through May 6

THE BEHAVIOR OF BROADUS at the Sacred Fools Theater Company


David C. Nichols – LA Times

Controversial psychology and show-biz moxie commingle in “The Behavior of Broadus,” with triumphant results.

As delightfully self-assured as it is comically self-referential, made up of equal parts whimsy, wacky, profane and profound, this cracked experiment in satirical musical development is a wickedly entertaining watershed for Sacred Fools Theater Company, the Burglars of Hamm, Center Theatre Group and the general theatrical landscape. Read more…

Bob Verini -   Arts In LA

Straight up, the Sacred Fool–Burglars of Hamm co-production of  The Behavior of Broadus is the most audacious, provocative, entertaining, original musical to premiere in LA since 2008’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, to which the new show bears more than a little resemblance.. Read more…

Steven Leigh Morris  – LA Weekly

Directors Matt Almos and Ken Roht turn The Behavior of Broadus into a beautifully acted, entrancing spectacle following the life and existential crisis of one John Broadus Watson. Read more…

Now running through Oct. 25.

The Coarse Acting Show, Sacred Fools Theater Company

Photo credit: Pete Caslavka.


The Coarse Acting Show by Michael Green, adapted by Paul Plunkett.


David C. Nichols – Backstage

In his priceless 1964 volume “The Art of Coarse Acting,” English journalist and humorist Michael Green typifies a coarse actor as “one who can remember his lines, but not the order in which they come.” After more pointed examples, Green notes: “His problems? Everyone else connected with the production.”   Read more…