THE DRY YEARS at Ghost Road Theatre Company

Photo by Austin Crowley

Steven Leigh Morris – Stage Raw.

There’s so much to recommend in Christine Breihan’s staging of John Guerra’s play, even though the work feels in need of one more pass to address some dramaturgical clutter.

Let’s start with the almost gothic beauty of a rural, drought-plagued California valley that has the mythology of the Wild West stamped all over it. This is luminously captured in Katrina Coulourides’ set featuring sun-bleached planks (that Breihan uses imaginatively as props and set pieces) and ramshackle wooden structures that speak to the harshness of the elements. Add to that an ensemble of solid performances. Read more…

Patrick Chavis – LA Theatre Bites

Ghost Road presents: The Dry Years @ Broadwater – 8.5 out of 10 – Great Show! More…