The Second City’s “A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!”

Photo by Craig Schwartz.

The Second City’s “A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!” by Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort.

Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

‘Tis the season for Christmas-themed shows and every year there are numerous versions of “A Christmas Carol.”  Now playing at the Center Theatre Group’s Kirk Douglas Theatre is a barely above-average sketch comedy show based on the ghostly old Holiday chestnut by Charles Dickens, entitled “A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!”  At least it’s not a tired old rendition of the classic tale. The comedians do their best to mix it up, ostensibly setting the story in its original Victorian period, but playing around with the storyline and adding modern touches here and there as well as inserting new dialogue and numerous comedy sketches throughout. While there are some laughs to be had, this approach is hit and miss.  Read more…