Year of the Rabbit, Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA

Photo Credit: Betsy Newman.

Year of the Rabbit by Keliher Walsh.

Sharon Perlmutter –

I don’t think I’d ever actually considered the possibility that our soldiers fighting in the Middle East might be the children of our soldiers who fought in Vietnam. Keliher Walsh’s world premiere play, Year of the Rabbit, takes that idea and runs with it. Read more…

Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly

Watching Keliher Walsh’s multifaceted mini-saga about war feels like peering through a kaleidoscope at tiny, glittering particles that shift and tumble before locking into place to reveal a pattern. The three related storylines are presented in a fragmented fashion until the connections eventually are revealed. One involves a bomber flight duo, Lt. Bridges (Ashanti Brown) and Lt. Skinner (Will McFadden), and the impact and subsequent fallout their intimacy has on their tour of duty in the Persian Gulf. The unifying storyline is that of Lieu (Elyse Dinh), a Vietnamese child orphaned and cursed by the horrific war that destroyed her country. Lieu’s presence touches all the characters, whether they realize it or not.   Read more…