YOU LOVE THAT I’M NOT YOUR WIFE at the Avery Schreiber Playhouse

Les Spindle –  Edge on the Net

A new theater group, the Fringe Theatre Company in North Hollywood, offers the premiere of an ensemble play set in contemporary L.A. Writer-director Joanne Mosconi’s “You Love That I’m Not Your Wife” is a multi-character battle-of-the-sexes comedy in which various couples and potential couples face myriad challenges in starting and/or solidifying relationships.

The gradually interweaving stories eschew plot in favor of episodes that chart the jealousies, insecurities, human foibles and yes-eventually even admirable qualities-of characters who are hoping to form lasting bonds, often against the odds. Some are drawn to the allure of Tinseltown, while falling prey to its potential pitfalls.

In a bare-bones staging featuring no-frills set elements and rudimentary lighting, the focus is on the characters. Amid the somewhat diffuse script, the production’s strongest asset is its generally solid cast.

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Now running through Oct. 5.