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LA RAZON BLINDADA at 24th Street Theatre

Photo by Juan Tallo)

Photo by Juan Tallo)

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

La Razon Blindada, Argentinian playwright Aristides Vargas’s soulful, songful play (performed in Spanish with English captions) now in revival at the 24th Street Theatre, concludes with a dedication “to those who find their dreams unjustly encircled by walls.”

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Now running through October 15


HANSEL & GRETEL BLUEGRASS at the 24th Street Theatre

Photo by Cooper Bates

Photo by Cooper Bates

Deborah Klugman – Capital & Main

The 24th Street Theatre has a reputation for producing quality theater suitable for everyone from 8 to 80 years old. Hansel & Gretel Bluegrass, Bryan Davidson’s compelling musical adaptation of the fairy tale about two hungry and imperiled children, is the company’s latest effort. Read more…

Lovell Estell III – Stage Raw

It’s truly puzzling that many of the world’s most celebrated children’s stories often contain elements that are very unpleasant, and sometimes gore-fest horrible. The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christiansen Anderson, is a good example; in its original version it was utterly gruesome (sorry, Disney!). Read more…

Now running through March 26

MAN COVETS BIRD at the 24th Street theatre

Photo by Cooper Bates

Photo by Cooper Bates

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

The 24th Street Theatre has distinguished itself by staging plays that have something to say to children and adults alike. While the productions display elements of fun and fancy, they also deal with disappointment and aging and loss – experiences we all encounter as part of our human condition.

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Now running through November 22.


Walking the Tightrope, 24th Street Theatre

Photo credit: Cindy Marie Jenkins.


Walking the Tightrope by Mike Kenny.


David C. Nichols – L.A. Times

Delicately poised between children’s fable and adult reverie at once, only to become another transcendent thing altogether, “Walking the Tightrope” at 24th Street Theatre delivers the evocative, cathartic goods.  Read more…


Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

A highly theatrical, stylized production for all ages that utilizes poetic language, circus arts, live music and multi-media to explore themes of grief and loss, Walking the Tightrope makes its West Coast premiere debut in Downtown Los Angeles. Presented by LAb24, 24th STreet Theatre’s resident experimental theater company, this show provides a unique experience for families and plays to adults and kids on multiple levels.  Read more…