PENELOPE at the Rogue Machine Theatre

Photo by John Flynn

Neal Weaver  – Arts In LA

This grimly hilarious dark comedy by Irish playwright Enda Walsh (The New Electric Ballroom, The Walworth Farce) puts a snarky, post-modern spin on the Greek myth of Penelope, faithful wife of Odysseus. Odysseus sailed away to fight in the Trojan War and hasn’t been heard from since. Read more…

Myron Meisel – The Hollywood Reporter

If Nietzsche could announce the death of God in the late 19th century, it was certainly old news by the time of Sartre and Beckett. Similarly, the power of the absurdity of the modern condition has withered under the persistent shadow of theatrical giants. Our contemporary quandary may be not so much the struggle over a meaningless existence but what to do and where to go after raging about the dying of the light has itself lost its heroic dimension. Read more…

Now running through August 10.