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AN IDEAL HUSBAND at the Sierra Madre Playhouse


Photo by Geoffrey Wade

Deborah Klugman – ArtsBeatLA

Oscar Wilde is famous for his sparkling wit, but there’s not much spark to this humdrum production of An Ideal Husband, Wilde’s moral-minded comedy about a prominent public figure facing a choice between sacrificing his principles or destroying his career. Read more…

Now running through February 23.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Sierra Madre Playhouse

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Xmas Carol 2013 7542

Photo by Christina Harris

What made Ebenezer Scrooge such a miserable old coot? Adapter-director Christina Harris elaborates on this aspect of Dickens’ cautionary tale in Sierra Madre Playhouse’s amiable musical production of A Christmas Carol, embellished with songs and upbeat ensemble dancing. Scott Harris portrays the tight-fisted miser as less an icy capitalist than a bad-tempered old man with chronic indigestion (my take).
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Now running through December 22.

THE LION IN WINTER at the Sierra Madre Playhouse

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

James Goldman’s smart 1968 drama re-imagines a nightmarish home-for-the-holidays reunion for the dysfunctional family of 12th century monarch Henry II and his estranged wife, Eleanor (historically, a brilliant duo whose early political conquests rocked their generation) . Thirty years into the marriage, relations have soured, with Eleanor (Diane Hurley) under indefinite house arrest for plotting Henry (John Rafter Lee)’s overthrow, but furloughed on this holiday occasion to take part in determining his heir.
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Photo by Gina Long


THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER at Sierra Madre Playhouse

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

This polished and entertaining adaptation of Mark Twain’s coming-of-age classic is a rare case of family entertainment done well. Skillfully directed by Aaron Lyons from a streamlined narrative by Laura Eason, the story tracks the transformation of title character Tom (Mike Rosenbaum) from mischievous kid to thoughtful youth, a metamorphosis that takes place after he confronts the villainous Injun Joe (Brandon Karrer) and saves an innocent man from hanging.
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Now running through September 7.

THE FANTASTICKS at the Sierra Madre Playhouse


Photo by Ward Calaway

Pauline Adamek  – LA Weekly

The original off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks ran for 42 years, making it the world’s longest-running musical. The show’s songs are quaint and pretty and its simple, allegorical story is complemented by its bare-bones staging. Read more

Now running through July 13.

Incident at Vichy, Sierra Madre Playhouse

Production photo by Michael Sirota.


Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller.

David C. Nichols – LA Times

Resolute craft drives the cautionary content of Incident at Vichy at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Arthur Miller’s 1964 study of detainees in Nazi-occupied France isn’t exactly top tier, but when executed as intensely as this gripping revival, it might as well be.  Read more…