You Can’t Take It With You, Antaeus Company at Deaf West Theatre

Photo by Geoffrey Wade.

You Can’t Take It With You by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.

Dany Margolies –
The family at the heart of this George S. Kaufman–Moss Hart play is so cheerful, non-critical, and forgiving, it’s obviously sheer fantasy. It’s certainly unusual on stages so often filled with alcoholism, abuse, manipulation, and self-loathing. The Vanderhofs and Sycamores and their hangers-on live for free speech and the pursuit of happiness.   Read more…

Hoyt Hilsman – The Huffington Post

Kaufman and Hart’s comedy about the eccentric Sycamore family opened in 1936 during the depths of the Depression and won the Pulitzer Prize for that year. While it has long been regarded as an old chestnut in the theater world, there is a refreshing contemporary resonance in the revival at the Antaeus Company under the thoughtful direction of Gigi Bermingham.   Read more…